Napkin Decoration Ideas

It's all about creating just the right mood. Take a look at these simple paper napkin-folding techniques or table-setting ideas.

Make a beautiful basket

Making garlic bread is easy. All you need is a loaf of Italian bread, a little garlic and olive oil, some melted butter and cheese baked in and you're done. Now it's time to add a simple finishing touch. Place it in a breadbasket lined with a Vanity Fair® napkin.

A slice of delight

When life gives you lemons, cut them into slices and make cool, refreshing glasses of lemon water. Use Vanity Fair® napkins as an attractive alternative to coasters when you're looking to help keep unsightly water rings off your table.

Center stage

Put a dozen apples in a bowl. It's a simple way to make a great centerpiece. Place some Vanity Fair® napkins nearby for snacking on the apples.

A fine way to serve wine

Enjoy a nice glass of vino with dinner? Next time you break out the corkscrew, be sure to wrap the bottle with a Vanity Fair® napkin first. Not only will you keep wine from dripping on that nice white tablecloth, you'll win some big points for presentation.

Famous friends

Instead of place cards with the names of your guests, cut out pictures of their celebrity look-a-likes and put them at each setting. Let the guests figure out who's who. You'll be the talk of the town.