What's For Dinner? There's a Meal Planning App for That.

Every evening for generations, families have been asking the same question: “What’s for dinner?” Luckily, you have tools in your pocket past generations didn’t: a smartphone or tablet. Shopping organizers, meal planners, recipes, even nutrition information: there's a meal planning and cooking app for every part of the process – just about the only thing your device can’t do for you is prep the meal! (It can order takeout, though. Just saying.)


“Perfect Produce” Trying to get your family to eat more fruits and veggies? The first step is to buy more of them, and then figure out what to do with them at home. This app helps you select the best produce, gives advice on how to keep it fresh, and offers quick tips on which items give you the most nutritional bang for your buck.

“Mealboard” Want your grocery store experience to be smooth and quick? Tailor your shopping list not just to your recipe plans, but to the store where you’re shopping. This app analyzes the recipes you want to make and then uploads the store’s prices, so you know you’ll to stick to your budget before you even walk into the supermarket.


“Substitutions” Maybe you’re dealing with food restrictions – or maybe you just don’t feel like hiking back to the grocery store for a missing ingredient. This app will help you tweak a recipe to accommodate your needs – and still end up with something you’ll enjoy eating.

“Cookpad” Part cooking tutorial, part social media, this crowdsourced meal planning app helps you find something new for dinner. If you’re not sure whether a particular recipe will work for you, you can see how other users rated it – and get tips from pros on how to make it even better.


“How to Cook Everything” Food columnist Mark Bittman wrote this classic to make cooking easy for everyone, even novices. Now the entire thing – that’s thousands of recipes – has gone from hardcover cookbook to cooking app, and it can be downloaded onto your phone, complete with everything from basic tips to shopping lists.

“Epicurious” If you’re bored by your go-to recipes (or just plain out of ideas) this treasure trove of recipes will come up with something for you. More than 30,000 meal ideas are banked in this incredible cooking app, with new ones added all the time – and you can have them read to you by voice commands so you can keep your eyes on the stove.

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