9 Fun Napkin Notes

Although the sentiment is always timeless, napkin notes that say “I love you, have a great day!” can get repetitive for you and your family members. Whether you’re packing a message in a school lunch or setting the table for a weeknight dinner, here are a few ideas to liven up the character of your napkin notes.


Although Throwback Thursday is a popular Internet trend, you can use it to liven up napkin notes. On Thursdays, share a memory about a time or place. Or, tape a copy of an old photo onto the napkin.

Dash off a doodle

If you’ve got a bit of drawing talent, sketch out a little picture that your loved ones will adore. Perhaps it’s a favorite character from a movie, or a silly rendering of someone in your family. Another idea for notes on napkins: Draw an outline of your thumb, give it facial expressions and add a funny saying.

Jokes on

It’s a classic napkin note idea, but fun nonetheless: Write a joke or a riddle on one side of the napkin, and the answer on another. Or write the first part of the joke or riddle, and share the punch line or answer over dinner or after your kids return home from school.

Fill in the puzzle

A simple crossword is easy enough to doodle on a napkin. Give it a theme (Holidays, Vacations, for example) and make it just a few questions long—enough time to finish before lunch is over.

From line to line

Here’s a fun idea that you can keep going long past lunchtime: Write the first line of a story. Have your child write the second line and bring it home. Continue on until the tale comes to a conclusion.

Share a compliment

Make it easy on yourself every once in a while: Use napkin notes to convey a compliment or talk about a job well done.

Trivia time

If your child has a particular passion, look up interesting pieces of trivia about the subject and write them on a napkin. Or, use your notes on napkins to share a new insight into a subject you’ve talked about or share a piece of newsworthy information.

Pet parade

Instead of making the note from you, make it from a pet member of the family and have them “share” their daily adventures.

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