Entertaining Ideas & Hosting Ideas

These everyday ideas and entertaining tips using Vanity Fair® paper napkins, hand towels and plates are sure to bring family and friends together for a low-stress evening filled with fun.

Post-exercise brunch

Ah, exercise. It's tough to get moving but it's easier when there's a delicious, healthy meal to come home to. Get your family members together for a walk or a bike ride, then come home to a heart-warming and heart-healthy meal.

Save Time So You Can Spend Time

Don't waste precious holiday gathering time with complicated setup for the meal. We offer five tips to personalize your holiday table, and five conversation starters to help keep family and friends talking around the meal.
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Game night

Take the kids' digital devices away and get your board game on. Make the meal simple by grabbing Chinese takeout or pizza and let the games begin.

Start a New Dinner Tradition

Looking for more creative ways to get your family excited for dinnertime? We offer some fun traditions to add to your routine.
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Cinco de my house

For busy families, any meal together is reason to celebrate. Why not celebrate the fifth of any month with a Mexican food fiesta. Creating a smorgasbord of tasty south-of-the-border treats is always quick and simple.

Napkin Notes

Brighten someone's day with an unexpected personalized note on a napkin stashed in a lunchbox, displayed on a placesetting and more.
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Breakfast at night

The kitchen is the center of your home, so get the kids and get started on this simple and delicious meal. After all, waffles, pancakes and French toast taste great any time of day.

Tech-Friendly Tips for Meal Planning

There are loads of apps and e-tools to help you stay on top of daily meals and weekly trips to the store. We highlight a few to help you stay organized and save time.
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Family first

Looking to try something new? Before you serve it to dinner guests, practice on your family. You'll get to enjoy a family dinner together and get some opinions from your toughest critics.

Teach table setting

Get some inexpensive placemats and draw the outline of a fork, knife, spoon and napkin with a waterproof marker. It's a great way to teach your kids how to set the table.

Game day

For the kids' next soccer match, open up your playbook of good times and throw a tailgate party. Chips, dips, finger foods, sandwiches and Vanity Fair® napkins. It's sure to be a winner.