Party Ideas and Everyday Entertaining

These entertaining ideas are sure to bring family and friends together for a simple yet, sophisticated get-together. Discover just how creative you can be when entertaining with paper products.

Summer Picnic Inspiration

Real moms dish about how they make eating outside easier.

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Summer drink party

Start with a signature drink. Serve them on a glass-top table with lights below to showcase your summer style and line your bar with Vanity Fair® beverage napkins to keep slips and drips to a minimum. Don't forget to have some homemade iced tea or freshly squeezed lemonade on hand.

Around the world

Someday you'll take all your friends to Paris. While you're saving up, invite some of your most adventurous friends over and take them on a one-day fantasy trip with photos, a French film, language tapes, and perhaps, a quiche.

Anniversary 101

This anniversary, take your sweetie back to where the two of you began. Return to the place you met, recreate your first date, or do dinner and dancing to summon up where you spent your honeymoon.

Day at the beach

Bring the beach to your own backyard. Put on your flip flops, break out the suntan lotion and sip fruity drinks. Create a signature "mock-tail" for the under-21 crowd. You are never more than a few steps away from your own private beach – bring your own sandbox and kiddie pool to complete the scene.

Spa goddess

Ahh, the spa. Get your friends together and draw names to see which lucky guest will get a manicure, massage and full-body pampering. Or bring in a pro and let everyone relax.

Tea time

Put a new twist on an English classic and take your next tea party to Russia. Make the brew strong, serve into delicate glasses from a pretty silver samovar, and offer elegant little cakes and candies on Vanity Fair® napkins.

Game day

For the kids' next soccer match, open up your playbook of good times and throw a tailgate party. Chips, dips, finger foods, sandwiches and Vanity Fair® napkins. It's sure to be a winner.